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Loxtra Automotive Locksmiths provides a car key replacements service that comes out to YOU. There are dozens of reasons you may need a replacement car key. Such as – your key has snapped in your car door lock, you lost your only car key. Your keys were stolen from your bag, you just want a spare key for peace of mind. Whatever the reason we have it covered with our unique mobile car key replacement service.

Car Key Replacements: Spare Car keys and Lost Car Keys cut and Programmed

Why use Loxtra’s Auto Locksmiths for replacing your car keys?

We understand that losing a car key is an inconvenience that you just don’t need. There’s never a “good” time to lose your car keys. That’s why we aim to make the process of obtaining a replacement as hassle free and convenient as possible. There are a two options available for replacing car keys. You can order a new key from a dealer garage, or you can book Loxtra Locksmiths car key specialist’s. Here’s why you should use us – we offer:

  • A car key replacements service that comes you.
  • A service that can be with you same day, within the hour.
  • A car key replacement service that costs less than main dealers.
  • An experienced professional that will offer you honest advice.
  • A detailed explanation of how your key works and how a replacement will be produced.
  • A high quality replacement remote locking car key, at a reasonable price.

We are car key experts that understand how to produce replacement keys for your car. We are also a source of technical advice that will be able to save you cash by fully explaining how your car key works. And offering you a variety of cost effective solutions.

If you need a new car key call us now for a friendly chat and receive a free no obligation quote.

How does the key replacement service work?

 Almost all car keys will need programming to your vehicle. Most people have no idea there is an immobiliser on their vehicle and often confuse an immobiliser with the remote locking fob on their key. An immobiliser is a factory fitted security measure that prevents thieves from being able to steal you car, without having the keys. The immobiliser works seamlessly without any action from the user.

Your car key will contain a ‘transponder chip’ embedded and hidden in the plastic head. When you turn the key to start the car the chip is read and checked by the on board immobiliser unit and gives a green light for the car to start. If you choose to secure a replacement car key through the main dealer you will have to tow your car into their garage to have the key programmed.

Many dealers neglect to tell customers this. 

I have heard hundreds of stories from customers telling us that the dealer took their money for a replacement car key and only explained they would need to bring the car in for coding when they went to collect the key. This is an additional cost and a massive inconvenience. This is why we offer a mobile service for replacing car keys and are able to save you time, cash and a whole lot of grief.

So exactly how does it work with Loxtra’s auto Locksmiths?


First we make an appointment to come out to wherever the car is (this will be a time that is convenient for you).

On arrival at your car we will either cut a key from a code we have obtained from a dealer. Or remove a vehicle lock to see how the key needs to be made. If we need to remove a lock and your car is locked we will use specialist techniques and tools to gain entry without causing any damage.


Once we have made a working key we will then proceed to programming the key into the car. Some cars require an ‘immobiliser code’ to program the key. We will extract the code from your car with sophisticated software or obtain it through a main dealer where possible.

The whole process is completed onsite at your vehicle. And normally within two hours of your phone call – That’s why you should use Loxtra Locksmiths for your replacement or spare car keys.

If you need a Spare car key replacement in Warrington, Wigan or Manchester call now on 07982632566

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