Honda car keys Replacements service.

Honda car Key replacements
Honda car keys Replacements service.

Loxtra’s auto Locksmith can cut or programme replacement Honda keys for most models including the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda CRV, Honda FRV, Honda HRV, Honda Jazz, Honda Prelude and the Honda S2000. Our auto locksmiths use specialist diagnostics equipment to programme Honda transponder keys. We have all your Honda Car Key Replacements covered for spare and lost Honda keys.

Loxtra Locksmiths car key replacement service is available to the general public and motor trade throughout Greater Manchester, Warrington, Wigan.

Take a look at how we replace Honda Jazz keys.

Loxtra's auto Locksmith can do Honda Key Programming

We will cut and programme all Honda car keys at your vehicle. Our car locksmith will cut a key from the door lock and programme a transponder chip by extracting relevant information from the car’s immobiliser box.

Honda car keys are very straight forward to programme.

With newer Honda models, the dealers are given the key numbers and they tend to be good at keeping them on file but they can’t cut or programme duplicate keys. They still have to be ordered in and will often take a few days to arrive. Our auto Locksmith can obtain the key number from the dealer in advance which means that we can cut replacement keys before we even get to you. All that has to be done at the roadside is the programming of the keys to your Honda.

On models where key numbers have been lost we can cut keys from locks.

Need to Replace Lost Honda Keys?

If you have lost or misplaced your Honda keys, our auto Locksmith can supply you with new ones at a fraction of the price that a main dealer will charge. If you opt to get replacement keys from the dealer, you are going to have to get your car to the dealer’s garage which could be expensive. We save you time and money because our service comes to you.

Spare Honda Keys required


If you have bought your Honda car second hand, it may have come with only one set of keys.  Loxtra Locksmiths recommend that you have at least 2 sets so that if you break, lose or misplace one, you have a back-up set. We can provide you with replacement keys, cut and programmed at your car while you wait. We don’t have to have a working key to do it either.

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