Ford car key replacements

Ford Car Key Replacements
Lost Ford car key replacements

Getting a replacement Ford car key has never been easier than calling Loxtra’s auto Locksmiths on 07982632566 . Our service is backed up by our 12 months warranty and guarantees to save you time and money. For all your Ford Car Key Replacements call our auto locksmiths.

We are here to help you get a replacement Ford key and ease the stress and worry associated with losing keys. Our auto Locksmith has all the expert knowledge required to deal with any problem associated with Ford car keys.

How our replacement Ford key service works

Our service for replacing Ford keys is offered to motorists in Greater Manchester, Warrington, Wigan and surrounding areas. We aim to get a locksmith out to you in the quickest possible time and save you money replacing Ford car keys. This is how our Ford Car Key Replacements service works:

The services we offer for Ford Car Key Replacements

Loxtra’s auto Locksmiths are a fully mobile service covering every possible requirement for Ford car key and locks. We proudly offer the following Ford key services:

Why book Loxtra's auto Locksmith for Ford Replacement car keys?

Loxtra’s Ford auto locksmith service has over Nine years industry experience. Our service is fast, affordable, reliable and backed by our 12 month month peace of mind warranty.

How much do replacement ford keys cost?

A new Ford key costs between £99 – £250. The cost will depend on several factors such as if you already have a working key. The type of key, the vehicle location and how quickly you require your replacement key. The Ford dealer charge £280 for a 2018 replacement Ford Focus key. We are able to offer the same key from as little as £180. Booking our auto Locksmith can save you as much as 50% on replacement Ford keys. Please call us to obtain a price for replacing your Ford keys on 07982632566.

The models of Ford we cover.

Using the latest car key cutting and programming tools we are able to supply car keys for all models of UK Ford vehicles. We are even able to offer Ford car key cutting for the latest 2023 vehicles.

We provide new keys for the following Ford vehicles:

Ford Car and Van Keys


Ford keys have evolved a great deal over the last 20 years. The original Tibbe style key gave way to the improved HU101 laser cut key in 2005, and since many newer styles of Ford key have been introduced including the latest proximity keyless varieties.


Tibbe Key
The original Ford key was known as a Tibbe key. With cars that use this key type The Auto Locksmith engineers use a lock pick to gain entry to the vehicle. Once the lock is in the open position the pick will read the depths of the lock, supplying the information necessary to cut a key. Ford models using a Tibbe key are quick and easy to replace – The Auto Locksmith can gain entry into the vehicle within 10 seconds and have a replacement key cut within 2 minutes.

Standard manual Tibbe key

Ford Tibbe Key
Remote locking Tibbe key
Blue Ford Transit remote
Blue Transit Tib key
Ford HU101 laser key
Ford Manual laser key HU101

In 2005 Ford introduced the improved HU101 blade profile key, referred to as a “laser key”. The metal blade is flat and rectangular with a unique shape groove cut down each side. The key provided with the car will either be manual or remote locking. It is a much more secure key and the car locks on these newer Fords are much harder to pick. The Hu101 lock and key profile is used right up to today in 2023.

Remote locking HU101 key
Ford Remote-locking-HU101-key
The latest Ford proximity keys
Many of the latest models of Ford use a proximity style key that allows the car to be started by simply pushing a button inside the car. Here are some of the proximity keys we can replace for Ford cars.
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