Lost or Stolen car keys? Securing Your Vehicle

Securing Your Vehicle with a Clamp

Get A Wheel Clamp To Secure Your Vehicle

If you have lost your keys to your car and need to Secure Your Vehicle before someone can come out to help. Try to get a Clamp on asap. This way it will be harder to steal even with the keys.

Remove a wheel to secure your car

Remove a Wheel

Another Top tip if you haven't got access to a clamp above, is to borrow a friends car jack. Then remove a wheel or two. So even if a thief has your car keys they cant use them to go anywhere.

What to do if you car keys have been stolen. (Securing Your Vehicle)

1. Secure your car. If you car has not been stolen do everything you can to prevent the thieves coming back and taking it. Or of you have another key you can open the bonnet and remove the battery. And if you can not open the bonnet try block the car in with another vehicle. But our best advise often used to Securing Your Vehicle when the keys get stolen is to remove a wheel or two leaving it jacked up. This is not only physically challenging for the thief’s to over come but a great visual deterrent in case they return.


 Follow these tips for Securing Your Vehicle.

2. Phone the police and report the crime. Be sure to obtain a crime reference number so you can keep track with any progress. It will also be a requirement if you was to use your insurance company.

Next Is Who To Call?

3. Call our auto locksmiths. Loxtra’s auto locksmiths can help even if you have another set of keys. Most keys can be deprogrammed making it impossible to stat up the vehicle. Our auto locksmith will plug a diagnostic machine into your car and remove all programmed keys and de synch remote locking fobs. If required a new key can be made to fit your existing locks and start the car. It is also possible to change locks so the mechanical key will no longer turn in the ignition and door locks. This will cost much more than just replacing the key and is not always necessary.

4. Contact your insurance provider. While you are waiting for the auto locksmith to arrive you should think about getting in touch with you car insurer. Some insurance companies include key protection as part of their cover and may contribute towards the cost. It is not unheard of for insurers to request a full lock change so its a good idea to check what their requirements are.

How we can help with stolen car keys,

Other than Securing Your Vehicle. If your car keys have been stolen it will be important to take every measure to prevent the thieves returning and taking the car. This is where we can help – using advanced diagnostic equipment we can talk to the cars immobiliser and erase the stolen keys. The keys can be completely removed from the car rendering them useless and unable to start the car.

We can also deprogram remote locking fobs. Most thieves are opportunists and steel keys without even being too sure which car they belong to. They will walk up and down the surrounding streets pressing the remote control hoping to spot the hazard lights flash of the car the keys are for. When we remove keys from the immobiliser system to prevent it from starting we can also wipe off any programmed remote fob devices associated with the vehicle.

After decoding the keys we can then cut and programme a brand new replacement car key. That will be an exact double for the key that had been stolen. This will then be the only key that starts the car. So if you should be fortunate enough to retrieve the keys we will need to come back to add them back into the cars key memory.

Securing Your Vehicle Prevention is the best cure

It’s obviously not always possible to prevent a lost car key situation. But there are a few options to help recover your keys and make the replacement process as hassle free as possible. Some companies like Lost a key offer a key recovery service. A simple tag attached to your keys can help you get them back if they are found. See www.lostakey.co.uk for more details.

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