Lexus Car Key Replacements

Lexus Car Key Replacements

Our auto Locksmith from Loxtra locksmiths offer a mobile Lexus car key replacements service to the general public and motor trade throughout Greater Manchester.

Lexus spare car keys and lost key replacement service.

Lexus car keys are not easy to replace. Loxtra’s auto Locksmith will help with replacement Lexus keys and Lexus key programming as we have both the specialist diagnostic equipment and know how.

Early Lexus cars don’t have an immobiliser system and therefore there is no transponder chip required for the key. Instead they use a high security laser key which is difficult to cut but our Locksmiths can do it.

From 1995 an immobiliser system was introduced that shuts off the engine if no transponder is read from the key. The immobiliser is found in a separate box or forms part of the ECU (electronic control unit). Whichever it is, the auto Locksmith from Loxtra provides new keys for all.

Easy replacement of Lexus Keys

The Auto Locksmith obtains key numbers from dealers to cut replacement Lexus keys or we take a lock out. Lexus keys are hard coded to the ECU or separate immobiliser box. If you opt to go to the dealer for replacement keys, they charge you in excess of £1000. Why so expensive? Without keys the dealer has no choice but to fit a new ECU / immobiliser box and lockset with ready cut keys that are already synched to the ECU. The Auto Locksmith will de-solder a chip from the ECU and write a new transponder chip into it. Unlike them we offer this service for around 60 % less than the dealer option. A saving of up to 60% is a very good reason for making your first call to us!

Misplaced or lost Lexus Keys?

There is nothing more annoying than misplacing your keys or worse, losing them completely. Even if all of your keys have been lost, The Auto Locksmith will supply new ones at a fraction of the price the dealer will charge. This is because we cut new keys from the existing locks and program them into the immobiliser where the dealer will have to supply a new ECU and lock set. Leaving it up to the dealer could leave you up to £1200 out of pocket plus you may also have to pay to have the car towed to the dealer. Furthermore the Auto Locksmith comes to you and with our equipment and knowledge, will charge you a fraction of the cost.

All keys are cut and programmed on site at your vehicle.

Lexus spare car keys and lost key replacement service.
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