Toyota Car keys

Car key replacement service, for Toyota spare & lost keys.

Toyota Car Keys

Toyota and Lexus belong to the same group so there is some common ground. Means in terms of key replacement for both car types. Our auto Locksmiths offer a mobile car key replacement service for Toyota cars. To the general public and motor trade throughout Warrington and surrounding areas.

Toyota Models

Earlier models of Toyota cars don’t have an immobiliser box and therefore there is no requirement for a transponder chip in the key. Replacing Toyota keys is therefore a relatively simple and straightforward job for our Auto Locksmiths in Warrington. Toyota Models made post 1995 use an immobiliser system that shuts off the engine if no transponder is read from the key. With some models such as the Avensis, the immobiliser is built into the key pick up collar. Whatever the model, our Auto Locksmith can provide replacement Toyota keys for all of the systems.


With newer model Toyotas, the key programming is not done with a programming tester. Instead keys are hard coded to the ECU or immobiliser unit. A Toyota main dealer will charge up to £1200 to supply a new ECU and lock set. Save yourself time and money! Our Auto Locksmith has the necessary skills and equipment to be able to cut new keys from the existing locks at the roadside, making any delay as minimal as possible. Loxtra’s car locksmiths are able to de-solder a chip from the ECU or separate immobiliser box. Read the E-eprom and write a new transponder chip into it. The cost for this is some 60% less than what the dealer would charge. That represents a huge saving.

We do Toyota Car Keys for all Models


Using specialist diagnostics equipment, our auto locksmiths will program Toyota transponder keys. And reproduce remote fobs for central locking. All the work is performed at the roadside. Providing instant help to get you up and driving in the shortest possible time and at the most economical cost. If you don’t have Loxtra locksmith & services number to hand. Click above to call to talk with our auto locksmith in Warrington, Manchester & Wigan.

Always make sure you have two keys and never loose your only key to the following Toyota:

Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 Peugeot 107

The immo box is located in a difficult position. Its located on the back of the steering column you can remove the unit without removing any trims but this is difficult. To get to the unit remove the following trims Speedo dials. Steering cowl, both a pillar trims, both speakers and lift the dashboard……….

Toyota Aygo key replacement

 Car key replacement service for all Toyotas, spare & lost keys.

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