Honda Jazz Car Key Replacements

Lost Honda Jazz car key service

If you have lost your only Jazz key you have two options. One is to contact Honda and order in a replacement remote key from their factory. This option is expensive and time consuming. The key will need to be cut in their factory before being sent down to your local dealer and could take well over 5 days to arrive. The second option is to speak to us at Loxtra auto Locksmiths. Honda Jazz Car Key Replacements cut and programmed by our auto locksmiths in Warrington.

Loxtra’s auto car Locksmiths offer the most convenient option for obtaining new car keys. We can provide replacement Honda Jazz keys for a significant saving over the Honda garages and other alternative options.

We specialise in replacing lost Honda Jazz keys and with over Nine years of experience we’ll be sure to have your new key cut and coded with the minimum of fuss.

Spare Jazz car keys and Honda Jazz Car Key Replacements

Do you have only one car key for your Honda Jazz? Don’t make the mistake of thinking you never lose keys and you will be fine with just the one. Our spare Jazz car key service is more affordable and convenient than you may think. We come to you at your convenience and can have a replacement Honda Jazz remote key cut and programmed within 30 minutes. If you take your car into work we can even meet you there in your lunch break and have a new key cut while you wait.

How does it work?

Our Honda Jazz key replacement service is super simple – we obtain a key number from the dealer and will often have the car key cut before we arrive. On arrival all that is left to do is plug in a diagnostic machine and programme in the transponder in the key to tally it up with the vehicle. If the key has a built in fob we will then use the following manual procedure to synchronise the locking remote.

Honda Jazz car key remote programming procedure

1. Turn ignition on
2. Press the lock button on remote.
3. Switch the ignition off
4. Switch ignition on
5. Press lock button on remote
6. Turn ignition off
7. Switch ignition back on
8. Press lock button
9. Switch off ignition
10. Switch ignition back on
11. The Jazz locks and unlocks
12. Press the lock button on each remote you wish to program
13. Turn ignition off

You can use this procedure to programme a Jazz remote fob. Note this will only program the remote locking, the transponder chip will need coding by an auto locksmith. To order replacement Honda Jazz keys call today on 07982632566.

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