Car lock repair and Ignition barrels

ignition repairs and Car lock repair

There are times when lost or broken car keys aren’t the problem – it could be a damaged car lock. Central locking mechanism problem or even a remote locking device issue. Loxtra’s auto Locksmiths provides a mobile car lock repair service capable of repairing or replacing car locks and ignition barrels. It’s a far cheaper option than the garage option and so much more convenient.


Loxtra Automotive Locksmiths mobile car key service for ignition replacement and lock repair is currently available in Warrington Cheshire, Wigan, Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. It covers the majority of vehicles on the road, from low end to high end. Our range includes:


Audi- Citroen- Daewoo- Fiat- Ford- Honda- Hyundai- Jaguar. Jeep- Kia- Land Rover- Mazda- Mercedes-Benz – Mitsubishi- Nissan- Peugeot- Range Rover- Renault- Rover- Saab. Skoda- Subaru- Suzuki- Toyota- Vauxhall-Volvo- Volkswagen- VW car keys.


Car lock repair service. Locks & ignition barrels repaired.


Keep your car lock problems simple and call Loxtra’s Auto Locksmiths. Here is the only number you need 07982632566.

Common car lock problems

If you drive a Vauxhall or a Nissan, are you aware that most models are prone to jammed ignitions caused by air conditioning. And high temperatures? With any car, you can discover that your key won’t turn in the ignition. At the roadside, Loxtra Auto Locksmiths have automotive car key technicians that can remove the ignition barrel. Disassemble it, make repair and reassemble it. Alternatively they are able to supply and fit a replacement ignition barrel.


Peugeot cars can experience problems with keys only going partway into the ignition and refusing to turn. Loxtra Auto Locksmiths can make the necessary repair without even having to remove the ignition.


It doesn’t matter if you have different keys for your door locks or ignition. Because they can remove the old lock and re-order the pins or wafers to make it match the other locks.


On the models of the Ford Transit’s with the old style tibbe van keys. You may be having issues with the key unable to turn in the lock or ignition. Not only do the keys wear down easily over time the wafers inside the lock also wears down causing the locks to become faulty.


 Loxtra auto locksmiths carry various locks and ignitions for replacing the broken locks on board there mobile van’s. 

There are many issues that can occur with vehicle locks and ignitions over time wear and tear to attempted theft.

Why Use Loxtra Locksmiths and Services for your Car lock Repairs

At Loxtra Auto Locksmiths, we understand the inconvenience of car lock issues and faulty ignition barrels. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped to handle a wide range of car lock problems promptly and professionally. Whether your car’s lock is jammed, damaged, or needs a complete replacement, we’ve got you covered.


Our experts use advanced tools and techniques to diagnose and repair car locks efficiently, ensuring that your vehicle’s security is not compromised. We take pride in providing reliable and durable solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

If you’re experiencing ignition barrel problems, such as difficulty starting your car or the key getting stuck, our skilled team can swiftly replace the faulty ignition barrel with a new, fully functional one.


With our car lock repair and ignition barrel replacement services, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s security is in good hands. Don’t let car lock issues disrupt your day; contact us for quick and effective solutions. Trust Loxtra Auto Locksmiths for all your car lock and ignition needs in Warrington Cheshire and surrounding areas.

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